What Is Web 3.0? How To Make Money with Web 3.0? 


The concept called WEB 3.0 refers to the full blockchain supported and personalized version of the internet that can be used as Decentralized and Peer to Peer.


In the internet system we currently use, that is, in the WEB 2.0 system, information is controlled by central powers. All information reaches us through their control. We can access the information we keep in our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as long as we want. They can close your account completely or take control of your account if they wish.


Of course, the fact that information is in the hands of such centralized powers does not worry people. Today, the rumor that Facebook has opened our personal data to structures such as intelligence units, or vice versa, using it only for its own interests (sharing your information with third parties for advertising and marketing purposes) has become the most discussed topic.


Even Facebook alone has almost all our information with WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook applications. Algorithms used by social media platforms can work in a way that highlights the thoughts, products or services that are intended to be imposed on you. Since these algorithms are built on getting more attention, more aggressive posts are highlighted. There's even a documentary on Netflix called Social Dilemma that explains this very well.


WEB 2.0 vs. What are the Differences between WEB 3.0?

Of course, the most important development regarding the Internet is not only the data transfer rate but also the gradual growth of the data surfing the Internet. With the concept called IoT (Internet of Things), that is, the internet of things, many different structures using the internet network have emerged. With this structure, which is thought to be completed for the benefit of people, it is aimed that all electronic devices and household appliances communicate with each other and make our lives easier.


In fact, this structure has gradually started to take place in our lives. Just for this reason, even the IP address system has been changed and the IPV6 system, which allows generating much more IP addresses, is passed. Because all devices are identified on the internet by their IP address. Connecting so many smart devices to the internet has led to such a necessity.


On the Internet in the WEB 2.0 system;

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Smart home appliances
  • websites
  • Applications.


The structures that are expected to replace the platforms we use now in the WEB 3.0 system;

  • dApp (Decentralized Application) decentralized standalone applications instead of Apps
  • Metaverse Projects instead of normal websites
  • dApp called Brave instead of Chrome as internet browser
  • Storj and IPFS instead of Dropbox and Drive as storage
  • Steemit and Akasha instead of Facebook Twitter as social media applications
  • As a messaging application; Status instead of Whatsapp
  • EOS and Essentia.one instead of Android and iOS as Operating System

In this new system, every application or social media platform is linked to a cryptocurrency wallet account created on your behalf. You will be rewarded for your unique contribution with cryptocurrencies coming directly to your wallet. The person who produces the information will be rewarded.

There is a similar situation in the Steemit account that I opened years ago. Reactions such as comments, likes and shares made by people to your post there are directly rewarded with a currency called Steem. In addition, with your unique and unchangeable account, no one else can own that information.


What does Will change with WEB 3.0?

Normally, people always communicate and exchange data with each other through an intermediary. They connect with information through structures such as an app, a website, or a social media platform. In the WEB 3.0 system, people will be able to carry out this information, completely through the connection created between two people. We have no idea how long this process will take, but we cannot help but say that the change has begun.


What is the Link Between WEB 3.0 Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies?


In the WEB 3.0 system, every movement of people on the internet will be linked to blockchain accounts. In this system, only peer-to-peer data will be exchanged. Since the information will go back and forth between only two people, it will be out of the control of third parties, and data security will increase greatly.


This is where cryptocurrencies and Blockchain come into play. Metaverse projects work similarly. Everyone has to define their own cryptocurrency wallet to the system. Thus, all kinds of control and authority are on the person himself.



The evolution of the Internet has come a long way and will undoubtedly face many changes in the future. The massive increase in available data, websites and applications have the potential to make the web a significantly better experience for an increasing number of users around the world. Although a clear definition for Web 3.0 has not yet been created, change has already begun thanks to innovations in other technological fields.


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