Why Finage data sources better than others?

If you are not a company that spends millions every year, that is, if you are not a giant financial institution, you will encounter some problems with the API models you work with.

You are likely to encounter data stubs that do not treat you as a priority, show the level of service and interest you want. To put it in more detail, it means you're working with small data providers that don't have the resources to provide fast-response business-level support.

You will always face difficulties in obtaining what you want at the service point, even if you encounter many varieties. In this blog, we will tell you how to reverse this situation if you work with Finage Data API.

Data Provider

Data quality is just as important as transparency and developer focus resources. When we realized that what all our customers need is a data API that will manage all aspects of the financial data process and thus focus on their core business, we said that should be us. So what will be the advantages of working with Finage Data API?

We are looking for an answer to such a question because while we allocate serious time and resources to our customers, we care about their success and count it as our own.

We provide support in various areas such as Technical Assistance, Account Management, Data Sourcing, Marketing.

Technical Assistance: works with you to help you get up and running smoothly. We will provide ongoing care and responsive support throughout the working time with us. Simply put: When you run into a technical problem, you will be able to quickly troubleshoot and continue your business. you will have no risk of trouble.

Account Management: When you need help with the account, a dedicated account manager will be delivered to you by email or phone. It means that you have a support team on your side for all kinds of issues related to working with Finage Data API.

If you cannot reach your support provider, which always works in coordination with other departments, another support team will contact you immediately to deal with your problems.

Marketing: Our marketing team helps drive traffic to your platform through customer spotlights and other content.

Do you want to work with the Finage Data API system with this information? Contact our consulting teams for detailed information.

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