Why Getting Financial Data From Finage The Best Way.

Finage mission is to deliver financial data easily and affordable to whoever would like to build financial applications like; trade, investment, portfolio management, wealth management, and financial news portals. When you try to get financial data like; us stocks, forex(currencies), cryptocurrencies, or fundamental financial data like; income sheets, news, options, futures, ETF's and the list going like that, is hard to obtain from exchanges and big companies these are expensive and waiting line and lots of papers work they are also not providing a reliable dashboard.


Why Finage is better than current data providers?


Finage offering a fresh, easy to understand, and useful user interface with the website and also dashboard. Even an individual user or large organization easily adapting our platform and accessing data in minutes. We believe in price transparency every one of our packages has a price tag on our website and we are providing our services at the same price to whoever desires you to use financial data for their businesses. 


We believe in scalability in every business, if you are a student or an individual student you can start with a free API key for stocks or if you are building a currency converter as your assignment you can use our Currency API for your project for completely free. We love startups and individuals projects when they grow up with our financial data they going to be committed to the platform they used whey their growing period. We are looking for long term business partners for financial data.


Finage coverage Global Markets, when we get a user use case scenario then we are offering the most suitable services and packages for our users. This is going to be the most price/performance package for our users. 


How Finage provides Financial Data so easy?


We have connected wide sources for market feeds, when users want a specific type of data feeds in a real-time or historical way we are capable to deliver this data for you. We have been automated this process with our dashboard and software. You can easily select everything you need and subscribe when our system detects your payment you will instantly get access to WebSocket, API, and widgets by our dashboard. That is so easy like buying new shoes even easier. That makes a big difference from other data providers, we have served a social media easy platform for financial data this is financial data 4.0 new generation for new generation developers, software engineers, students, and companies.


What does Finage offering for data sets and applications?

We are covering Global for stock exchanges, currencies, cryptocurrencies, fundamental financial data, and more, we are increasing our financial data day by day, We have released a stock page including news, company information, historical chart, last price with OHLCV, and more you can check our Stock Quote and News page.


We are mainly experts on US Stocks and markets you can also check our symbol coverage and stocks by our documentation. Whatever you want from Finage we will try hard to deliver these market feeds for your needs.


Join Finage advantages and explore financial markets with us.