Why Work with Finage?

Sourcing & Transparency

When you know where the provider you work with obtains their financial data, you will do business with more reliable ties. In this way, you will have full confidence in your data, which you are working on, and has an important role in making company plans and decisions. While investigating why data sources should be transparent in this blog content, we will address the problems that may arise from not being transparent.

If the data provider you are working with is not honest and transparent, you are likely to run into some issues. Your data may suddenly be interrupted when you least expect it. If your data provider is not using original data, it is normal for your data stream not to be completed without any warning. This problem, which is usually encountered with free data sources, may occasionally occur in paid but unknown data sources and leave you in chaos.

Your provider could be a data thief, the only way to be sure is to find the data source. Widely used data scraping will cause many problems such as disconnection due to poor data access. 

These working conditions will probably not please anyone. Finage, relying on business quality, data quality, and data sources, will not bring you together with this situation.

Finage customers who do not encounter any support and resource problems are more than satisfied with the data sources used. At this point, Finage works with transparency and meticulousness as it relies on data sources. 

Most of them do not work with their own data providers, but since Finage obtains its own basic data, it provides data customization services to its customers, keeping the process in control from start to finish. You can ask for a consultancy to get detailed information about Finage data sources.

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