Why work with Finage Data API?

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financial data are no longer data prepared only for analysts. Part of the company team we call developers also use financial data providers. however, it cannot be said that there is as much variety for them as analysts. Finage stands out at this point.

Our Finage Data API system, established by developers, has been prepared for developers. In this blog, we'll cover how Finage provides resources and tools that prioritize critics.

Focus on Developers

Finage is the developer based on the installation. That's why it attaches great importance to developers and development. We realized that financial data is of great importance in most of the businesses we observed that I analyzed.

In fact, in addition to this awareness, the question that emerged in our minds was: “Where and how can this very important financial data be obtained correctly?” It is proud that we, as the Finage family, can answer this question today.

This is how our plan to start a financial data provider has been realized and the satisfaction of our customers working with Finage Data API makes us proud every day. We say glad we started financial data providers.

This development taught us that developers are building amazing things in the financial world and that they are not tailored to the needs of the financial data industry. Large vendors often have a conflict of interest to sell to developers because developers can build better platforms.

As Finage family, we are pleased to present you Finage Data API, our system that constantly updates technological developments in order to make it easier for developers to receive and work with financial data.

Our API system with providers such as Software Development Kits, Documentation & Help Center, Technical Support will help you find answers to all your questions. Feeling our support team with you at all times will make your work easier.

We continue to improve our API system, which is preferred with its easily accessible and understandable structure, with all updates. We do not say enough, we offer the better by making it accessible to you. You can consult our consultants for detailed information about Finage Data API. thank you for choosing us.

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