In the financial sector, it is very important to be able to obtain market data in real time. With Finage API, created to present market data for developers, you can easily create your algorithmic trading strategies or investment applications.

In addition, Finage API provides real-time stock price data with up to 100% price accuracy compared to expensive alternatives on the market, and provides the same price advantage for everyone, whether you are a corporate company or an individual user.

Regardless of what account type you have or which country you trade from, all Finage users can access the Finage API from anywhere in the world.


Key Products of Finage API

5 Stock Exchanges and Up to 100% Price Accuracy

With the Finage US Stock API, you can access data from the top 5 exchanges in the USA and continue your extensive trading activities.

It allows you to safely research, develop and maintain your trading strategies with unified data flow. In addition, you can use high quality screen data to create different trading applications because there is up to 100% price accuracy between Finage API and SIP feed for actively traded stocks and ETFs.


Streaming Real Market Data via Web Sockets

Thanks to the Finage US stock API, all users are not limited to pulling minute or daily bar data, regardless of account type. Instead, you can access real event-based streaming market data via Websockets.

In this way, your API calls are reduced and you can be more aware of the instant movements of the market. So you can expect more stability in running your trading strategies and practices.


Large Historical Data Set

Finage API allows you to safely develop and test your trading strategies with a 5-year data history archive. You can make consistent estimates for your future investments based on the price movements of investment instruments in the past.


Customizable Bar Data

Bar data offered by Finage API is not limited to daily, weekly and monthly. Besides, it provides access to bar data of 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. In this way, it allows you to develop different strategies in different time frames from intraday scaling algorithms to purchasing and holding strategies.


Development of Finage API

With the awareness of the importance of real-time access to market data in the financial sector for investors, we consider user needs in every update we make for the Finage API and strive to do better.


Thanks to the support you give and will give to Finage US stock API products, we are one step closer to fulfilling our "finance for everyone" motto.


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