For those in the finance industry, the most important issue is data sources. Although the market has hundreds of data providers to find the one that works best for you, you need to do a deep research and go through each vendor and every feed individually. But this situation is not easy at all and takes a lot of time.

For this reason, Finage allows you to perform data transactions from a single point with comprehensive and reliable data partners to make your financial data transactions fast and simple for US Stock API, Forex API, Cryptocurrency API.

In this article, we will talk about the working methods of our data source services and what financial data we can provide with our business partners.


Our Business Partners and Expertise

Financial services companies and Fintechs often request additional feeds from data source providers. Companies looking to take advantage of our US fundamentals and market data can best meet these supplemental feed needs, thanks to our strong relationships with the best financial data providers in the market and our industry connections for financial data from key names such as ICE to private data vendors.

In addition to these advantages, you will also get the support of our expert team. Our experienced licensing team, who is the best in their business, recommends the most cost-effective and highest performance solutions for you or your business. In this way, instead of spending long time choosing and sorting products and vendors, you can request consultancy from our experienced team and get help on issues such as the type of data you need, historical data, access method, etc. Our team then finds the best provider for your needs and connects you to the sales team.

Thanks to the Finage API, we offer hundreds of third-party feeds to help you understand the available access methods for feeds that are not integrated into our platform. With the consultancy of our team, we reduce the stress of the sales process by enabling you to find the best solutions for your needs quickly and easily.

In addition to all these, you will enjoy the advantages of Finage's world-class customer support, such as live chat for technical problems, direct e-mail and phone access to your customer success manager, and technical support from our engineering staff.


What Our Business Partners Offer

We will provide a brief overview to examine the types of data our partners can offer. If you cannot see the data set that will meet your needs among the listed data types, we can help you obtain the most suitable data source for you when you talk to our team.


-International Market Data

Real time and delayed prices

Historical data, intraday and end of day prices



Global real-time, delayed and historical prices and Current



Global real-time and historical news, press releases and research

Global news indicators, indexing, scoring and sensitivity


-Mutual funds

US current and historical pricing and corporate action data

US assets, reference and metadata


-Sensitivity / Research

Global manager connections and compensation

Advanced healthcare insights and analysis

US analyst ratings and price targets

Estimation and valuation reports

News and blogger ratings and sentiment

ESG ratings

NLP generated insights and predictions from earnings releases and SEC 10-K statement

Real time trading responsiveness

Machine learning stock ranking and indicator scoring

Crowdsourced value estimation index for price movements

Forex price, volume and trade analytics and sensitivity data


-Indices / Cryptocurrencies

Global real-time and historical prices for more than 1500 cryptocurrencies



Global real time, delayed and historical prices

Global metadata, reference data, and business transactions

Current and historical assets of the USA and Canada

USA and Canada current returns and analysis

Estimation and valuation reports

Real time and historical feeling



US and Canadian historical and forward EPS and revenue estimates

Global dividend estimates and forecasts


-Corporate Activities

US and Canadian historical and forward EPS and revenue estimates

Global dividend estimates and forecasts


-Events / Calendar / Economic

Global historical and forward economic series and calendar data

Global past and forward market holidays and timings

Global historical and forward-looking corporate events


-Fixed income

Global real time, delayed and historical prices

Globally evaluated pricing and reference data

Municipal and corporate bond pricing modeling and analysis

Pre and post trade corporate bond data

Broker offers from more than 400 global dealers



Real time and delayed prices

Historical data, intraday and end of day prices

Price, volume and trading analytics and sensitivity data


You can avoid the time-consuming and stressful side of finding the best financial data provider for you by asking our team for help.