News API: Get Latest News on Stocks

Managing a stock portfolio is crucial in the financial data provision market. If you want to manage a stock portfolio in the best quality way, you can ensure this by keeping up to date with company news. Company news that we cannot finish counting here in the financial market is very closely related to your financial situation. You cannot focus solely on your own business in the finance market. In fact, everything is intertwined and you should be aware of the developments in other companies for your own transactions.

Easy access to these updates via a News API helps you keep your pulse not only on the company and its performance but also in the general media and the public. In this blog post, we will explain how to get the latest news about the stocks you follow through the Finage News API, which allows you to reach the most up-to-date news. We will try to answer any questions you may have. 

Things to know when getting started with Finage News API

To start accessing news for various stocks, request a consultation from our team to include it in your customized data solution. We can say that there are two basic ways to access news data. Will you access with the Finage Stock Data API, the News API, or will you access it via excel. It is necessary to decide first of all.

You can access the News API with one of these tools. This blog guides you on getting started with the API, and this tutorial will walk you through each step of installing the Excel add-in.

Access to the Latest News for Your Stocks

Once you are ready with the API or Excel add-in, here's how to access the data you want. You can start your transactions within the information described, but our suggestion is of course that you will solve the problems in teams with Finage consultants for detailed information.

that information.

Sample News API Calls in Excel

The News API function for Excel has three parameters. The marquee, the item you want to be returned, and a row. You can search through all available tickets via Data Explorer. Products available for return are:


2-Release date



The sequence, like other Finage Data API, calls, defines which news article you want to import. It will pull the newest 0 sequences. A string of 1 pulls the second row last, and so on.

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