Stock Market Data Scraping

During the pandemic process, the finance sector, like other sectors, was also affected. The sudden volatility in the stock market attracted people and the falling stock prices caused more investors to enter the stock market. In this article, we will talk about data scraping that will make stock market data, which is often used by professionals, available to everyone, including newcomers.

What is web scraping?

If we define the web scraping, it can be explained as the process of collecting all the data that can be obtained from the specified data sources and websites. Companies can obtain the most appropriate and accurate data for company strategies by scraping the data they need in certain areas from different sources.

Stock market data is very important for investors and can provide information on:

Stock market trends

Price changes

Real time data

Historical data

Investment options

Price prediction

It is not very easy to scrape stock exchange data, but when done correctly, it brings great advantages to investors. Allows individual traders and corporate companies to advance their investment policies on solid foundations

How can Companies Benefit from Stock Market Scraping?

Firms can collect data to improve their business using a variety of scraping methods. User information, economic trends and stock market are some of these scraping methods. For stock market data, investment companies generally use web scraping tools or interfaces such as stock quote api, market data feed api. Because investment firms need in-depth knowledge to determine the true value of that stock and make accurate predictions about its future value before investing in stocks.

Although you get accurate and quality data, the risk is never zero in the stock market and your predictions may not always be correct. Because the stock market contains many variables and these variables are open to external influence.

These variables may have unpredictable effects on the stock, but it is still possible to reduce the risk and make the investment as safe as possible when the analysis is made according to the correct data obtained.

The best way to make your investments as secure as possible is to scrape stock market data. You can use professional web or stock market scrapers for this. In this way, software specially developed for data scraping will automatically collect all valid information that can then be parsed to make smart and studied investments in the stock market.

How to Access Stock Market Data?

Previously, professional investors used Google Finance to scrape stock market data from the web, but this project was retired in 2012. Alternatively, there are many API providers on the market.

APIs such as stock quote api and market data feed api offered by Finage provide data sets suitable for every need for both individual investors and investment companies.

Stock market scraping related tools

People and companies that want to increase their profit margins by making smart investments in the stock market have to use certain tools when scraping data. Various tools are needed to scrape useful and reliable data from data sources with many variables and information pollution. Therefore, a web browser and data collection tool are among the first needed tools. These tools designed by people who are specialized in this field can be purchased.

People who want to customize stock market data according to their needs and gain deep information may have to pay more for scraping tools, resources and indexes because many data providers offer packages according to need.

Prerequisite data sources are the second required for stock data scraping. These resources are indexes of data from stock market websites, and data scraping tools collect raw data by scraping these resources.

Then, after the data scraper collects the raw data, this data must be processed and analyzed to remove the redundancies. This process is often readily available in professional data scrapers.

After the analysis and processing of the raw data, the remaining accurate and useful information is analyzed with industry-specific software, and more precise results are obtained.

After all this data scraping, the results obtained are used to make predictable and sound investment decisions.

Issues with stock market scraping

As has been said many times before, data scraping is not an easy task. One has to be very careful about what needs to be done to obtain accurate, usable and reliable data. Sometimes there are measures to prevent data scraping. Often senior companies choose to build their own tools, as there are barriers that can hinder the web scraping process.

One of the most common problems that can block the process is blocking IP addresses. Therefore, the scraping tool cannot access the web directory and collect any data. These problems can be solved by programming the stock data scraper internally and outsourcing proxies. Although some of these problems are inevitable, making special web scrapers for companies greatly prevents companies from encountering such problems.

Real time data scraping

Using real-time data collectors is very important, especially for large companies, as the stock market is very volatile and changes instantly. Because even with instant price changes, large amounts of money can be lost or earned. Therefore, real-time data collectors are more expensive than others. But they have become indispensable for companies interested in investment as time is precious.


Collecting stock market data using a data scraper is very important and useful both for companies that are professionally engaged in investment business and for those who want to make an informed decision about their investment.

In order for data scraping tools to work smoothly, by purchasing software from professionals who are professional in this field, you can reach both reliable and usable data and when you have a problem, you can find customer service and solution partners.

We suggest to use professional stock market feeds by APIs and Websocket for commercial and professional usage. Finage is providing live US stocks and Global stocks market data.