Stock Screener API

In this article, we will explain how our company Finage can reach its customers with the stock screener API service and what is the stock screener API at the very core. We can say that the transparency and quality of the interface Finage use at the point of data provision increases the satisfaction of the users. If you want to get detailed information about other API types and data provision processes after this blog post, Finage clients will answer your questions.

What is the stock screener API?

The stock screener API allows it to rank among firms to find those that meet a predefined set of conditions. But This is not a tool for financial analysts or non-developers. Making API calls is really easy, but it requires a programming language to do more than just copy and paste results. The viewer uses the Finage Stock API system to return a stock list that meets predefined conditions. The ticker and value of each parameter are returned. Its availability in all languages ​​defines the breadth of our business in the international arena.

How can you access it?

If you are new to Finage, ask for a consultation from our sales team to create a customized plan and get a free trial period. Our consultants act in partnership with you and provide you with exactly the data you want. They quickly answer your questions in any financial situation you need.

We do not want to talk about how to use the API in detail here. However, if you think you do not have enough information on this subject, there are articles in our blog posts where you can find information about API usage. We produce content in our blog posts that will answer you are possible questions. We also anticipate that more problems may arise in your mind.

Therefore, it will be the healthiest way to learn the details of working with us with Finage consultants. You can discover working with us again.

I guess many examples can be given about the Stock Screen API. however, I do not think the examples we will give will be explanatory enough. It might even be more confusing if we try to explain it in a blog post.

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