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by Finage at June 23, 2023 5 MIN READ


What’s the Purpose of a Diversified Portfolio?


Making investments always comes with risks. The ever-changing market environment influences whether you get a profit or make losses from your investment. So this should always be at the back of your mind when looking for where to put your money. It can be difficult to predict which areas will be more profitable. That's where a diversified portfolio comes in. This simply means investing in different assets to mitigate losses.


By spreading out into different markets, you are less likely to lose out completely on an investment. Markets have highs and lows at different times. So if one market suffers a downward trend in a year, others may perform well. A diversified portfolio is the best option for anyone looking for investments. Let’s look closer at its purpose! 



- Focusing on your portfolio strategy

- Possible investments for a portfolio

- Cash and its equivalents

- Bonds

- Stocks

- Real estate

- Funds

- Volatile markets

- Final thoughts

Focusing on your portfolio strategy

A diversified portfolio in the world of investing and trading helps to achieve diversification through smart beta strategies. With the smart beta strategies by enhancing portfolio, you can optimize returns by considering alternative indices, helping investors reduce risk and enhance the portfolio's overall performance.

Yes, diversification doesn't completely reduce the risks of losses. But it offers two important benefits:

- it improves returns

- it provides stability

As assets perform differently across the year, a portfolio ensures that you are constantly getting some returns back. For instance, the value of a stock may reduce while that of bonds shows an increase. Also, cash and its equivalents remain the same throughout. The risk for each asset is reduced and you can avoid the ups and downs that every market experiences.


Possible investments for a portfolio

When it comes to online trading, having a diverse range of financial assets can help you win a stake. You can find different financial assets you can trade online, with an array of options available for online traders. And with a diversified portfolio, essential in this context, you can tap into different asset classes, mitigating potential losses and capitalizing on various market opportunities. You can find several assets that you can invest in. Here are some you can add to a portfolio:


Cash and its equivalents

This is by far the safest asset for anyone looking to invest. It includes your savings account, money, and bills. It is safe because it doesn't fluctuate. However, the returns on investment are also the lowest.



Bonds come with a reduced risk. It is a safer investment even though the returns are less. Because of the reduced risk, rewards are also less. So you can combine this with stocks to create a balance. Bonds tend to have a fixed payment although this can vary.



These tend to be very volatile. The price is determined by:

- Perceived risk

- Inflation

- Interest rates

- Company activity

- Consumer spending


The best-performing stocks can offer a high return and reduce significantly the next. The trick is knowing when to buy or sell to make a good profit. One of the reasons why many people consider stocks is the potential for huge returns. However, this happens when you are willing to experience both the upward and downward trends of stocks.


Real estate

The value of real estate assets increases gradually over time. The best part is the growth potential. However, it also comes with additional expenses that cover renovations and commissions to agents.



These are already diversified. They include a wide range of different assets. A specific fund may only offer one type of asset. The level of diversification depends on the company and management. Because of this, the risks and returns may vary.


It all starts with knowing what your goals are. Understanding what type of investor you are is important. It allows you to set appropriate goals and invest in the right places. Before you decide which areas to invest in, ask yourself the following questions. These will guide you to make a decision that will be individualized.

- What are your investment goals?

- What risks are you willing to take?

- How long do you want to invest?

- What is the return on investment for an investment?


Some reasons why you might want to invest include:

- Pay off debt

- Emergency fund

- Retirement fund

- College fund

Volatile markets

How well you tolerate risks will determine where you invest. Some markets are more volatile than others. For instance, if cryptocurrency is more volatile than bonds. Even though every investment carries the risk of losses, some can be more stressful than others. With a diversified portfolio, you reduce risks while increasing the outcome on returns. Those that can handle stress can add more to their portfolio.


Also, consider your timeline for returns. This can be from 12 months to several years. The goal will determine how long you have to wait for your investment to become fruitful. It also influences the market that you pick.


Investing in any market comes with risks. The best way to reduce the chances of making losses is by buying different assets. This allows you to avoid losing out completely. A diversified portfolio can include as many asset classes as you want. The goal is to understand what kind of investor you are. Establishing investment goals and timelines will allow you to find the most appropriate market.


Final thoughts

Keep in mind that a portfolio is not a guarantee that there won't be any losses. It just prevents you from making significant losses. Markets that perform well will result in good returns and you can make profits. Finding the right mix of asset classes makes the biggest difference when investing.


As well, for investors looking to build a diversified portfolio, access to a wide range of financial market data is the first pain point they cross when starting the deal. With Finage, you can get over 60,000 real-time and historical financial market data feeds. This data empowers investors to make informed decisions across multiple asset classes, fostering diversification and ultimately enhancing the performance and resilience of their portfolios!

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