What is the Yahoo Finance API?

The Yahoo Finance API is a scope of libraries/APIs/strategies to get authentic and continuous information for an assortment of monetary business sectors and items, as demonstrated on Yahoo Finance-https://finance.yahoo.com/.

A portion of the contributions incorporate market information on Cryptocurrencies, customary monetary standards, stocks and securities, central and choices information, and market investigation and news.

Hurray used to have its own authority API yet this was closure in 2017-we will go over some potential reasons why momentarily toward the finish of this article.

We will talk about the upsides and downsides of a few of the informal APIs/libraries that currently exist to get to this information, and afterward experience how to utilize one of them in detail.

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to utilize the Yahoo Finance API?

  • Free
  • Great scope of information
  • Brisk and simple to set yourself up
  • Basic

One valid justification is on the grounds that it tends to be totally free. Nonetheless, there are likewise outsider APIs with more help that do charge for their higher utilization plans, yet even they will in general have complementary plan alternatives.

Amazing scope of information. On-top of the center standard information, the Yahoo Finance API offers additional items, for example, choices and basics information just as market news and examination, which choices, for example, IEX and Alpha Vantage don’t generally have.

It’s additionally simple to set yourself up. Contingent upon the road you pick, arrangement goes from several lines of code to introduce libraries, to making a record to get to individual API keys and afterward calling an API with a particular URL (contingent upon the information you need) and these keys.

It tends to be straightforward. A portion of the libraries have documentation that fits on a solitary page while holding usefulness that is centered however adequate for most ordinary use cases. While minimized, it can at present assistance you out by giving capacities in the modules that do monotonous legwork for you-like consequently getting information into pandas information outlines where suitable.

This makes the Yahoo Finance API awesome in case you’re an overall novice and simply need to make a plunge and consider going all in as opposed to going through hours pondering complex documentation.

It’s straightforward. While we can gain admittance to a noteworthy scope of information, the Yahoo Finance API some of the time comes up short on the fancy odds and ends of more particular APIs.

For example Alpha Vantage offers awesome instant modules that compute regular specialized examination markers for you-which could save a huge measure of exertion on the off chance that you need to assemble an exchanging model that joins any of these!

It’s fairly delicate. The Yahoo Finance API is not, at this point a completely official API, implying that occasionally it doesn’t give all the data wanted. Thusly, arrangements endeavoring to assemble information from Yahoo Finance utilize a combination of direct API calls, HTML information scratching and pandas table scratching relying upon the capacity and library/API being referred to.

The strategies that HTML scratch accumulate their information by informally scratching the Yahoo Finance site, so their usefulness is subject to Yahoo not changing the format/plan of any of their pages.

As a fast aside, information scratching works by essentially downloading the HTML code of a page, and looking through all the HTML labels to locate the particular components of a page you need.

For example underneath is the Yahoo Finance Amazon (‘AMZN’) Income Statement page:

So if a strategy that information scratches should be returning you components of a pay proclamation, it will be looking through the page structure through numerous div, class, and range labels and so forth for different IDs to choose the specific qualities that ought to be returned for every measurement from Yahoo’s site pages.

For example here the Gross Profit of 74,754 on 12/31/2019 has an information reactid of “114”. In the event that Yahoo Finance was ever to change the construction/trait tag highlighting this worth and the technique intended to snatch this particular bit of information utilizes information scratching, it may restore something totally off base, or maybe nothing by any means.

Note that not all the strategies for different APIs/libraries HTML scratch. Indeed most don’t, with most of techniques utilizing pandas table scratching (substantially less delicate) or direct API calls, however remember there are a few strategies with these weaknesses, and a portion of the libraries/APIs are now known to have issues with specific functionalities.

Its not for true use. As an augmentation to the past point, since certain techniques to get to this information informally scratch the information, there is no assurance their code will work later on if Yahoo Finance changes a portion of it’s design.


What happened Yahoo Finance API and Google Finance API ?

Two years ago the both Yahoo and Google Finance decide to close their free financial APIs and than there is a new sector come up that called data vendor providers the new generation companies start to sell subscription for financial APIs and websockets. Financial data providers like Finage providing US Stock API, Forex API and Cryptocurrency API for free! Everybody looking for a continues of Yahoo Finance API than you can subscribe to Finage to keep getting Finance API for free!

Where can i find working alternatives of Yahoo Finance API and Google Finance API?


These popular APIs were delivering Delayed and partial real-time prices from US Stocks, Global Stocks, Forex currencies and Cryptocurrencies and financial statements therefore there was huge amount of data missing when they left the sector and investors, developers, trade apps and more individuals and mid professionals start looking for alternatives. In 2017 Finage start to collect financial data sources and making aggreements with exchanges with high effort than we have start to serve in 2018 to closed beta and 2019 to launch for who ever would like to build financial applciaitons to make this financial sector great place to start a business.


Which Financial data available with Yahoo and Google Finance API alternatives has?

Finage offers everything Yahoo and Google Finance APIs offers too. That means Finage providing these market feeds; us stock api, uk stock api, forex api, cryptocurrency api (including Bitcoin API), financial statements API, financial visuals widgets, us stock websocket, uk stock websocket, forex websocket and more endpoints by API like market status, stock News API and more financial data avaliable with Finage. You can instantly start any market feeds by Finage.



As such on equilibrium we think the Yahoo Finance API is incredible in the event that you are a general fledgling and simply need to consider going all in/try out certain thoughts with some information rapidly, or need to get to something like choices information.

Nonetheless in the event that you are intending to assemble a more mind boggling and long haul framework that may be making hundreds to thousands of information demands for every day or plan to utilize more explicit data like specialized examination markers in it’s demonstrating, we’d suggest going with another choice that gives a portion of these additional functionalities worked in.