What are the 5 major market feeds in Finage?

- US Stock & Global Stock in real-time API
- Forex currency API
- Cryptocurrency API
- Financial Statements (Fundamentals) API
- Financial Widgets (Embedded)

Financial data is the most desired financial data in the sector. Today we will explain what kind of market feeds Finage offering. Finage providing US and Global Stocks, Forex currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Financial Statements, and Financial widgets. These are our main 5 products we are telling about.

US and Global Stocks in Real-time and Historical:

US and Global stock exchanges are providing companies stock information such as prices, news, derivates, quotes, trades and etc. These values coming to the stream with a bulk method than financial vendors providers like Finage processing these data through their engines and streaming real-time data with WebSockets and APIs depending on developers requests. Finage offering 19 major exchanges with 25.000 symbols under 1ms and historical data available from 2004 via API. Our APIs are restful APIs that mean that is responding responsive output for every programming language. Developers can build their own trading platform, trading application, portfolio management, and wealth management software for quants and algorithmic traders. 

Stock exchanges from the US, Europe, Asia, and others are so separated that is the reason Finage collecting all these distributed data in one single place.

When you subscribe to Finage US Stock API, you are getting your own VPS or Dedicated Server to provide you the lowest latency that will increase your productivity and empower your trading platform.

Forex Currency in Real-time and Historical:

Forex has known as FX and also currencies and symbols from all over the world central banks and industries. Every country and industry has a global and internal economy that is feeding by FX. That is included Gold, Oil, Corn, USD, Bond and every kind of tradable symbol called Forex - Foreign Exchange. We are providing over 1500 symbols from the major central banks, banks, forex trade companies, brokers and industries from various sources. Forex is the largest market in the world and has a 5.5 trillion dollar market cap every day. As a Finage we are providing real-time FX via WebSocket and API also we have historical data from 2004 with minutes, hours, days, and weeks time intervals. You can build your own Forex company with our Real-Time under 1ms dedicated server option as you required.

Forex trade companies are creating a new economy for the countries that have great economical power. Everyone can invest in FX with a small amount of money and use leverages to create a high amount of income that will provide a high demand for developers.

When you subscribe to Forex API with Finage, you are going to have your own VPS or Dedicated Server to provide the lowest latency for your Forex Businesses. Because of the auto trade systems, Forex traders and platform owners have to get the lowest and powerful data for to be profitable their business as Finage we can provide to you an institutional level grade Forex data.

Cryptocurrency API in Real-time and Historical:

Cryptocurrencies started with Bitcoin announcement in 2008 and start to trade around 2009 from now on cryptocurrencies become so popular and nowadays because the Bitcoin 40.000$ price market cap hits 1 trillion dollars that is almost a quarter of Forex market cap and in the near future that could pass the world real currencies, therefore, Finage providing real-time and historical cryptocurrencies from major crypto exchanges and has over 1000 symbols via WebSocket and also Historical Data from 2008 via API. You can build your own crypto trading platform or crypto trading algorithm with Finage real-time crypto API.

When you subscribe to the Finage cryptocurrency real-time package, you will get the VPS or Dedicated Server to regarding your platform requirements both of the way is more than enough to make your platform robust.

Financial Statements- Fundamental Data API: 

Researchers and Investors need to evaluate companies, when you need to see a real value of a company you need statements to look detailed. Finage providing dozens of different types of statements you will need when you creating a report or analyze for any company trading in their stocks in exchange. Income statements, cash flows, derivates, ETF, Economic Calendar, and there are lots of APIs are available with Finage Fundamental Data API. You can subscribe to get a detailed company vision to empower your vision about your project.

Financial Widgets:

Finage is a new generation financial data provider, we are aiming to deliver financial data for everyone with that motto we created totally free financial widgets for individual bloggers, financial news platforms, and more. We are also providing real-time widgets for more professional platforms both of the way you can select your own widget from 6 different types and you can customize freely than you just need to copy and paste an embedded code into your HTML side of the website that's it. When you start to use our widgets you can display any kind of market feeds like us stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, and more.

Finage is aiming to provide the most stable, lowest latency most wide and affordable financial data for everyone who would like to build something to change the all financial world. Our vision is changing all financial data industry from a large scale really hard to obtain with a high amount of monthly feeds to really affordable and instant access for everyone who would like to build something useful for end-users.

Time is changing rapidly and we are trying to catch these vibes with our hard effort and vision - the world of financial data is ready for new generation data vendors like Finage. 

You can subscribe to Finage wide and easy to use market feeds today. We are also providing free API key who would like to feel Finage difference from others.