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Cryptocurrency DeFi APIs


Tens of hundreds of events take place every day that affect the financial markets. The financial world has hosted many innovations along with the technological developments. With every innovation, new products that can be used in the field of finance have emerged. These products have made it easier for both corporate finance giants and individual investors.


Cryptocurrencies as the representative of Decentralized Finance which is called DEFI have emerged as a shocking innovation in the financial ecosystem. However, in addition to the innovation it brought, it also brought many questions. Many universities and academics, especially academics from Toulouse University, McGill University and VU Amsterdam, conduct detailed research on these issues.


Crypto coins have many transaction advantages against coins issued by central banks. The most important of these benefits is that they are decentralized and can be used in cross-border transfer transactions. In addition to these, it has benefits such as limited convertibility to other currencies, transaction costs in stock exchanges, mining fees, limited use cases, smart contracts etc.


Demand for cryptocurrencies is determined by future price expectations and net trading benefits. What distinguishes this asset class from other assets such as stocks or bonds is the relationship between transactional benefits and prices. The transactional benefits in crypto assets can be compared to dividends on stocks. Both are incentive reasons for investors to hold assets.


Unlike dividends, the size of transactional benefits and the value of cryptocurrencies are highly interdependent. Investors invest in cryptocurrencies that they think will provide trading benefits in the future.


Researchers are trying to develop a framework that relates price to both real and perceived transactional benefits and costs of cryptocurrencies. The trading benefits of crypto assets can be considered as their legitimate basis. However, it is highly controversial whether it is the legitimate basis of what determines bitcoin's volatility. Its value is derived from a complex combination of price perception and market fundamentals.


Cryptocurrency Market Data API

One of the technological advance used in crypto currencey market is APIs. APIs are actively used in many areas such as forex, stock market and crypto assets.

Finage's Cryptocurrency Rates API is one of the pioneers in this field. With the help of Finage API documentation, you can only use the URLs on your servers with the copy and paste method. APIs provide great convenience in Forex trading. If these APIs are not used, you will have to manually handle many processes.


Also Finage is a crypto data provider that comes to mind first when it comes to cryptocurrency converter API, offering a high quality and one-stop solution.

Due to the fact that Finage API contains both current and historical Crypto Currency data, it can be used effectively with each of the historical currency prices and technical indicators. For this reason, many individuals and institutions have both facilitated and enlarged their work by using these forex data APIs and currency exchange rate APIs that provide current and historical exchange rates of various currencies.


In the digital assets industry, participants have certain needs to be successful. These can generally be shown as transparent, consistent, quality and reliable data.


As Finage, we aim to offer products and services that include the following features:

An API that provides access to the farthest reaches of the ecosystem
Access at any time
Access to current and historical data: there are many websites and initiatives that serve with different API types, but it will be useful to examine the Finage Crypto Currency Market Data API, which stands out with its many features.
Low Latency: Seconds are of great importance in financial markets. For this reason, Finage offers the highest quality data with minimum delay.
Understandable and easy to use data set
Data versioning: Updates in technology products are vital. However, sometimes developers like the features of older versions more. For this reason, it is important to be able to choose a version.
Technical support
Robust infrastructure: The Market API service is built to scale horizontally at all levels of the stack to scale according to the needs of our customers. Finage's APIs run its infrastructure in various data centers and on multiple servers to provide the fastest data delivery and therefore the lowest possible latency. In doing so, redundant hosting and load balanced environments are provided for maximum reliability.


To sum up, we can say that the financial world has undergone a technological revolution. Its very important to catch technological advances which comes out by the time. While these revolutions make things easier for individual and corporate finance players, they also increase competition between players.

This competition can be seen both between active players in the financial market and data providers. In this environment with a large number of players and data providers, it is very important to reach accurate and reliable data. For this reason, individuals and institutions should be very careful when choosing their data providers. Careful selection must be made to have a real-time web service or a more regularly updated service. Nowadays to have the easiest and fastest currency , stock and cryptocurrency API with the lowest latency is the key factor in the financial world.