In this blog post, we will discuss how FinTech and Al technology works. Of course, our starting point will be the starting point of FinTech and Al. technology is growing and developing very rapidly. We recommend that you take a look at Finage API types that keep up with these developments. Because Finage live market data API types, which stand out with the use of current technological innovations, are frequently preferred by customers.

Technology is often liberating. how to achieve something and that there are inherent limitations to be achieved. You can simply remove these individuals or more simply the new technology could transmit or simply allowed to exceed. World regions, business sectors are moving at different speeds depending on the implementation of this development. Insurance Umeda always internalize new technology has been slow.

Companies have long been operating in a way, it remains slow in adapting to new technology. Now, they still find it difficult to come to ignore. The financial sector has caused it. Fintech in response to market their business and they have developed as a result of their innovation, increased customer expectations and standards.

Customer service

Insurance has always demanded a personalized experience by default. from what you have, there is a personal thing than the thing you want to protect. Naturally, all of it has been a traditional business models are, so employees and customers have been talking on the phone or face to face, and insurance is no different. The difference is that the insurance company is that it keeps longer than the others, this model - the application have not changed.

The goal of personalized experience has not changed, but changed the ways to accomplish them. Now demand a different type of customization. A fintech company is not about being borne by the workers, their jobs easy for you by guiding you provide on their own - they do not want a service on their own. On the contrary, they want convenience. They want to do something when they asked for a better way for themselves.

What they want at the moment, mobile solutions that help fintech progress. This is a different customer service. Insurtech not avoid the customer service business, but manages in a different way: using apps. First, this approach frees companies from using insurance traditional customer service models. You can enter new, new demands that can be met directly. In addition, through smartphones increasingly more financial transactions take place.

Quick and simple

More importantly, these solutions Device Compatibility consumers. They can luxury, download, or find to X-Y-Z and get X-Y-Z. insurance for financial institutions and enterprises to find suitable for use in consumer, this income will also get the loyalty factor maybe a little bit. However, those who prefer mobile solutions with the younger generation, provided that the value for the customer still has a chance to develop a long-term business.


Another technological development that has been touted for many years AI in a sci-fi story. Automation is used in many sectors on many scales. Insurtech businesses are artificial intelligence in three ways.

One number is for citations. Now, customers often their health, followed by travel habits, and their property have access to a variety of smart devices. Many insurance companies, for example, offers an important variable host of studies using insurance calculators to work while leaving the hands of its customers, the data is processed effectively by A, it can be used to design a policy specifically for a customer. so they need little or much they are paying.

Number two is to chat robots. Customers, it may be with the company via e-mail or phone contact can chat with a faster processor. concerns about the chatbot, they do not have the ability to be effective and nuances. Although not very convincing because it produces the actual text of artificial intelligence no longer the case. Customers still have most of the business if you want to use other channels, but now much less risky to rely on chat robots.

Second user, processing of requests themselves. Artificial intelligence, what is claimed, and what the evidence suggests that the historical data to understand how the results (pictorial, textual, and numerical) trained. All these tasks correctly, they often complete without checking the human eye. In some cases, you may require, depending on the payment, but reliable AI to do the job. The process takes place almost instantaneously, so customers receive the same pay rate. At the same time, they can work on multiple claims. The only limit is the hardware and software itself. If you are running a business that fulfills these roles, it is difficult to compete with this turnaround time: would further delay, there are more hands to convey the allegations. The work was done quickly, this age is always better for customers. Customers can receive money faster, that way I prefer it to be that way.

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